ITRelated is an African leader in Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Since its inception in 2008, ITRelated has been helping private companies and government departments to succeed quickly and cost effectively. We are proud to be a leading South African business process management , enterprise content management consulting and information technology services company.

Each customer is given the special attention they deserve to ensure they achieve their goals of efficiency and cost effectiveness in their business operations

  • Be the preffered partner of choice of large enterprises and public institutions to effectively manage their business processes
  • Provide solutions that streamline business operations and aligns to best practices and policies
  • Provide paperless solutions to our clients in-line with protecting our environment
  • Have a team of experts that are highly skilled in providing our clients the best solutions, every time.
  • Integrate our products with our clients current systems and the latest technology e.g mobile, cloud, internet of things and robotics to offer a seamless experience for all users.
  • Train and employ graduates from previously disadvantaged backgrounds and empower
    them to be leaders in our niche sector.
  • Give back to our communities through social responsibility initiatives.
  • Ensure there is Research and Development (RnD) and Continuous
  • Improvement (CI) on all our products to guarentee an optimum solution with the latest technologies.
  • To be the world leader in BPM and ECM solutions.

We see ourselves as experts in our field hence our tagline “Business Efficiency Experts” and we to provide Optimum solutions for optimum business.

We are on a Mission To build business solutions to solve specific client problems and hence enabling optimum performance and efficiency.

  • Our customer is king and we will ensure that we exceed their expectations
  • Our employees are our most valuable assets and we will keep them motivated, satisfied and skilled. A work/Life balance is of paramount importance
  • Our working environment is pleasant, professional and conducive to the creation of new ideas yet relaxed enough for staff to look forward to coming to.
  • There is no business problem that does not have a solution – we will find and offer that solution to b our clients
  • Technology is advancing rapidly and we need to keep abreast to ensure that we still relevant in our sector
  • Ethical Business Practice is a norm and it is imperative that this is emphasized in all business engagements
  • In committing to innovation and excellence
  • In continued Improvement (CI) in all aspects of our services

Business Process Management

We manage end to end Business Processes for corporate and government entities ensuring efficiency and cost effectiveness in their operations. As part of this our Process Analysts will re-engineer current Business Processes to offer best practices, alignment to policies, elimination of bottle-necks and reduction of non-valued activities. They also use tried and tested processes as benchmarks. Automation is the next stage of BPM. Our process automation specialists will then convert the manual re-engineered processes to digital processes. We ensure all of this is done in a Continuous Improvement (CI) environment allowing for further enhancements and refinement of the automated processes.

Enterprise content management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM). We do knowledge management for small to large enterprises in terms of strategies, methods and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver content in terms of  documents, Audio and video files related to the organisational processes. Included in this we do document management, records management and regulatory compliance portal management, workflow management and forms management. We are proudly the sole Sub-Saharan distributor of InfoRouter ECM software and this is our tool of choice. Our aim is to take a manual environment  to an automated one and subsequently to a paperless entity.

Software Development

We have highly skilled Project Managers, Solution Architects, Business Analysts and Software Engineers that can create bespoke software solutions for any entity in the market. Our resources are skilled in .Net, C#, Java, SQL and OpenSource. We have Highly skilled and experienced software integration specialists to get two or more applications to talk together and offer a seamless solution to the user.

Mobile Development

With the influx of SmartForms in society there is a large need for mobile solutions, not just for individuals but for corporates and government. We create Mobile Apps in both IOS and Android to align to our corporate solutions.

Project Management

Our Project Managers, being certified in Prince2 and PmBok are highly skilled and proficient. They look after our internal  projects in terms of cost , time and skills. The also consult offering their skills to other entities.

IT Resourcing

We have access to a large number of specialists skills in the Information and Communication sector. we have been providing these resources at Eskom, The Department of Justice and the Department of Labor to name a few.

Business Analysis

One of ITRelated's core skills is Business Analysis. Our qualified resources are able to re-engineer Business Processes and design cutting edge solutions. They are also proficient in ECM technology where they define work flows, create portals and file plans.